Nursing Covers {$36}

Each nursing cover is made from high quality Home Decor or all cotton fabrics. They measure 24" by 36" and the strap around the neck is not only lined with soft terry cloth but is adjustable with a "D" ring closure. On the underside of the cover are pockets at each corner; they are made of terry cloth which can be used as a burp cloth but can also store nursing pads, ointment, pacifiers...etc. Each nursing cover also has rigid boning which enables mom to see her baby while nursing and eliminates the oh-so-uncomfortable lift and peek manuver (keeping you modest!). All fabric is pre-washed and dried for you! These are entirely washable, although as with any nursing cover, do not wash them more than is necessary!

so you can get an idea of the size, good coverage!

The pictures above are examples ONLY, see fabric choices at the bottom.
The price for each cover is: $36

If you want binding around the edges: add $4
To add a coordinating burp cloth: add $3

Fabric Choices:
1 2
4 5
6 7
9 1011 121314

Pouch Sling {$24}

The pouch sling is one continuous length of fabric and it is cut specifically to fit YOU! The slings are made out of beautiful cotton and home decor fabrics, are 100% washable, and have a pocket on the front for a pacifier, small toy, keys etc. This sling features a curved (for baby's comfort) flat felled seam, very neat and very durable.

There are at least four ways that the baby can be positioned in the sling: they can sit kangaroo style (with legs bunched up in the front--first picture at the top), they can sit with their legs/body making an "L" shape (head would be leaning against the side that goes up your shoulder), they can lay in the sling (second picture above) and they can sit tummy to tummy with you, legs wrapped around your middle. When you order a sling, instructions will be sent to you on the different ways you can use your sling! It's very versatile and really makes your life a whole lot easier! After you pick the fabric you want, it will be customized to fit you with a measurement that you supply to me.

How to take the measurement: (see video on how to do this)
1. Locate your dominant hand (are you right handed or left handed?)
2. Then locate the opposite shoulder...
3. Take a measuring tape if you have one or a piece of string/yarn and place one end on the top outer edge of the shoulder you found in #2
4. Let the other end of the string/measuring tape travel down to your hip, diagonal from your shoulder (like where you would hold a baby on your hip)
5. DO NOT pull this string/tape tight or let it bulge out, let it fit you naturally, don't pull or tug. you should have a number...if you are very very petite or have a short torso(like myself) it will be low to mid 20's, etc.
6. After you choose the fabric you want, please remember to put your measurement in the box labeled "Shoulder to Hip Measurement"

****IF YOU ARE PREGNANT**** never fear! we, of course, do not want to make a sling for a pregnant belly...since you will not have that belly forever! (Believe me, it's true:)) so, do the same measurement we just talked about, but do it on your back (get someone to help you because that is difficult!) i would give yourself a little leeway though, since obviously our backs do not have the same kind of contours as our fronts...so add 1 to 1.5 inches, as you feel necessary but please! do not be excessive about adding inches. These slings will give a little bit as the baby sits in them. Since the slings involve a more personalized measurement, if, when you use the sling, it doesn't work for you etc. you can, most definitely email me and we can work something out.

$24.00 for each sling, add a burp cloth for $3.00. Each sling has a coordinating fabric for a pocket.

Fabric Choices:


Burp Cloths {$3}

These little babies are so useful! What we have here is a high quality gerber tri-fold, very absorbant cloth diaper, gussied up with a fabric of your choice.

Fabric Choices:


Tag Lovies {$10}

These little blankets are ultra soft and a must-have for a blanket loving baby or toddler! approximately 12" X 12" a perfect size for small hands to carry around! $10.00 for each tag lovie.

Made from ultra soft flannel, will get softer and softer as it is washed! A variety of ribbons around the edges make it fun to explore. {CLICK THE PICTURE TO SEE IT BIGGER}

{butterflies with purple reverse; monkeys with light blue reverse; kittens with aqua reverse; bugs with charcoal gray reverse; monkeys with light pink reverse; tractors with kelly green reverse}


If you'd like to place an order for anything you see on this site, have a question, or want to request a custom item please EMAIL ME!


Once you send me an email with your order, i will send you a payment form via PayPal.

:Fabric Care:

Fabrics are washed on delicate and dried prior to being sewn.
All items come from a pet free and smoke free home.